Monday, April 14, 2008

Wondering where I was.... end of Feb and March?

I'm compelled to tell you guys where I was during this time. After all, this is a journal and just in case you were curious... I've been having problems with my marriage and I also had a death in my family. I guest this sounds like a downer and I understand if you guys don't want to read this but I just wanted to share my feelings and how this blog has helped me through my tough time. I started this blog not really expecting much of anything. Being married to a man that is hardly around due to his work is not a making for a happy marriage. That said, I am not a person that takes any commitment lightly, so I keep myself busy with work, pet projects and pro bono works . When I'm lonely I look through the internet to find things to blog about. As I started blogging I found a new community that was happy to see what I was interested in. I've made new friends in the internet world.

When things got bad for me personally, I felt like being a recluse and I only wanted to sleep and just speak to my sister. Then my mother-in-law passed away which flipped our personal life upside down and I was shipped out to England with no internet. I was surrounded by Grey weather and people to match the weather. I felt as though I couldn't be lower and one day I was taken to town and I was able to check my email. I got a email from one of my blogging friends as to where I was (Uncle Beefy). I felt that somehow someone in the other side of the world was looking forward to seeing my silly postings. In a little way that small gesture made me feel better. Thank you Uncle Beefy. : )

My mother-in-laws death reminded me, even the smallest thing in life that we do effects other in ways we don't realize. Even though we put it out there in the cyber world, someone give back in little ways. Thank you for checking in on my blog and I hope to inspire and bring a little fun and love to all of you.

My husband would be mortified if he knew I was writing this in my blog but I don't really care. : p


Carolina Eclectic said...

I'm glad you decided to share. I've been through the same situation in my own marriage. It got very tough, for quite a while; but with A LOT of outside help we are back on track. I can honestly say things are better now than at the very beginning of our marriage. I pray things will take a turn for the better, soon :)

Dana said...

I'm embarrassed and at the same time relieved that I posted and shared. Thanks for sharing your experience too. Knowing other are going through the same makes me feel like I'm not alone. I guess I assume everyone is happy and content in their own lives. Not really think we all have some problems. My girlfriend told me the first few years are always hard in a marriage, Who knew! OOXX

Topsy Turvy said...

Sorry to hear about your difficulties. You have a great eye and mind, so please keep up the blogging as long as it gives you some sort of fulfillment. I have the reverse situation in my marriage. My husband and I both work at home, so we are here together 24/7! We've had some VERY trying times, since often he is working under a lot of pressure and doesn't handle stress well.
It does take effort to make it work!
I do hope your situation improves :)