Friday, December 21, 2007

Korean Antiques

There is a rustic nature to some of the Korean antiques that appeals to me. Unlike all Asian antique were there is a tendency to look too ornate, some Korean furnishing seems not so. Especially the ones used in the country by farmers. So I am on a hunt to find a less ornate piece and recently my friend Eunyoung, a designer, turned me on to this site called Jangan Antique. I was born and raised in Korea till I was 17 and I grew up with seeing a lot of this type of antique. Not knowing the value of these antiques in our home, I use to play on it and hide in some of these cabinet. Break a few as well...sorry mom. The cabinet made of dark and light striped wood is made of Persimmon and Paulownia tree. I've read that the persimmon tree is highly valued in Japan and the oldest is 600 years old and lives in Japan. It's a hardwood, which is a good deterrent against termites. I think Korean antiques are often over looked and Americans and European don't see much of a difference. I certainly notice a line strength and humility in their design. Just like the people it represents. I wish someday to own more of these beautiful pieces.

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