Monday, December 17, 2007

More rooms

The bathroom has one of my favorite old mirrors. You really can't see yourself in it but it gives a nice feel to the bathroom. The stairs in the hallway is covered in a old mangle cloth I got from ebay seller called loodylady in england. I re-upholstered the brown chairs and the couch is slip covered in oatmeal linen. I collect old lighted globes because I love the light it casts at night. It's warm, romantic and different. The coffee table is made of old Chinese doors and was made by Vivian Kimmelman at Berkshire Home and Antiques. I will do a special posting on her soon. She is a great source for everything, and I mean everything!! The last picture is my candlesticks I have in my dining room. I LOVE the little bristle woodland figurines!