Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh because I have $10,570 to throw around

Vera Wang magenta jeweled bib $975

Taher Chemirik gold choker, 2 chokers at $21,140

Dries Van Noten $2,270 Triger Eye, Amber and Jade.

Tresor necklace from Louis Vuitton for WHAT!!!??? If I was a Mega Millions winner, maybe.... I have to play today, hmmm what numbers hmmmm???. Just thought this necklace was looking like random broaches collected and hung in a beautiful girl. via New York Magazine


Carolina Eclectic said...

Too fabulous!! Now I am going to be thinking about this jewelry all day. Being from Texas, there is nothing I like better than REALLY BIG jewelry.

Hammocks & High Tea said...

i saw a trick on the today show to add volume to a necklace. layer two long necklaces and clip a brooch (or two) on at the side. viola!...and much less than 10 grand ...yipes!