Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Biggest Secret Resource...shhhhh

I love the metal and glass case. The little campaign bed is to die for! I wish I had a place to put this.... I wish!

This antler chandelier is real and heavy. Perfect for that rustic look!

She has the best lamps!

So a lot of my friends and fellow blogger has asked me where I've gotten certain things in my
home. I am now revealing my biggest resource that probably other designer in NY will give me the stink eye for. But I've decided to share with my new blogger friends, and since I think this place is quite inspirational and just a treasure to me. The place is, Berkshire Home & Antiques in Great Barrington , Massachusetts. From the outside it's quite unpretentious and Vivianne and her cat leaves you alone while you sift through her HUGE showroom full of French, Belgium and Asian Antique.I can literally spend hours there. Vivian is a Jack of all trades ( or is it Jackie for women?), she can reupholster, repair,antique and find almost anything. To quote Tom Gunn on Project Runway, she can "Make it Happen!". Anyways... she will be honest with you and NEVER push you into anything. I love that about her! She has most amazing taste and quite modest about it to. Trust me it's painful sometimes walking into some of the "INTERIOR DE-SIGN_OR" places in NYC where if your not carrying a $10,000 Birkin handbag, they won't even look at you. Who wants to dress-up for shopping anyways? So here are some pics from her shop and have fun looking at them. I did!
Photos by Me : )


lol707 said...

Hi Dana, thanks for sharing your secret resource and it is safe with me...especially as I'm all the way in Australia. The pieces in each photo look interesting and enticing to say the least. Thanks.

Uncle Beefy said...

GREAT sneak peek, Dana! Love the raw burlap/linen covered chair! But, let's face it, it's all pretty spectacular looking! Gotta check out the link.

You are lucky on the East Coast, by the time anything makes it out my way it's usually reduced down from a European antique to an over-priced Charlie's Angel lunchbox. Hard to make that look aesthetically appealing on a mantle, y'know?