Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yee Haw Posters

These are frame vignettes sold on Yee Haw Industries site. I'm thinking of framing my family photos in these. I have some old black and white photos of family and relatives in there Chong-sam (the Chinese traditional dress) and their Ham-bok (Korean tradition dress) so it may look cool in a euro/asian kind of way.

I love typography and posters. Especially anything that looks like Russian Constructivist and DADAist posters. Of course the real Russian Constructivist posters are REALLY expensive but these are cheaper alternatives that looks just as nice.


Suzie said...

Hi Dana,
great blog! I am glad I found you.
I love your house, congratulations.
And I am a fan of Sarah Moon too!
Greetings from China

Uncle Beefy said...

Oh Dana...I think family pics would look stunning in these frame vignettes. Yee Haw does great stuff but I hadn't seen these. Thanks!

Found you via A.B.T. blog. LOVE your house...when can I move in?! ;)

Dana said...

Yes Sarah Moon is great so is Sally Mann and William Eggleston. Thanks for reading my blog

designdna said...

i have seen the societe anonyme exhibit 4 times now! great poster for an interesting exhibit.

Joanna Goddard said...

LOVE these.